P E T E R  H A R G I T A I

Praise for 2012: The Little Horn of Prophecy
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By the author who foretold 911 and the Twin Towers meltdown!
In all that is banal and bathetic lurks the heroic as in the story of Attila Nagy whose mad
forays into time sound the horn of prophecy. The visionary path its author Peter Hargitai cuts
into time intersects with Nostradamus’ famous Epistle and with contemporary history: “The
great empire of the Antichrist will begin where Attila and Xerxes descended.”
--Nostradamus (from the Epistle to Henry II)

Praise for Editor’s Choice Author Peter Hargitai:
“This deliciously ironic, picaresque tale borders on the bizarre, but Hargitai is a language
master capable of effortless shifts from reality to myth … This genre-bending novel is a
pleasure to read. Highly recommended for all fiction collections.”
 --Library Journal

Hargitai maintains a high level of tension; with arrogant abandon he plays out his tricks and
his intricate cat-and-mouse game on the reader with huge success. So deft are his embroidery
of metaphors and redressing of myths that we give credence to the most outrageous bluffs,
mythical occurrences, pseudomagic, drug-induced psychedelic visions, inexplicable
apparitions, and a bevy of layers-thick concealments … Few can convey the madness of the
New World with such absurd dexterity, and such a keen sense of irony and the grotesque.
This mischievous, iconoclastic sorcerer manages to mesmerize everybody.”
 --World Literature Today