P E T E R  H A R G I T A I
Praise for Approaching My Literature Vol II
Translations from the Hungarian Exilic Experience
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The two-volume compilation of readings in Hungarian exilic literature is a selective guide
through the genres of a body of work that until recently was all but inaccessible to English
readers, specialist and student alike. These voices from the “other Europe” add a unique and
invaluable chord to our appreciation of global diversity by broadening the definition of exile
beyond geographical dislocation to questions of identity provoked by political, cultural,
psychological and spiritual displacement.

Volume Two:
Translations from the Hungarian Exilic Experience showcases award-
winning English translations of two 20th Century Hungarian literary giants who were forced
into a life of exile in their own country—the poet Attila József (1905–1937) and the literary
historian and novelist Antal Szerb (1901–1945) who was executed in 1945. Included in the
volume is the work of Hungarian-American poet Ferenc Mózsi (1947–2007), the most
innovative poet of his generation, who risked his life in a daring escape from communist
Hungary only to have his poems suffer rejection in both mainstream America and in his
native Hungary.

Peter Hargitai is a Retired Senior Lecturer in English at Florida International University. He
has been teaching Writing, Rhetoric and Literature for four decades. As a poet, author and
translator, he has garnered numerous literary awards including the Landon Translation
Award from the Academy of American Poets, the Füst Milán Award from the Hungarian
Academy of Sciences, and the Pro Cultura Hungarica Medal from the Republic of Hungary.
He is a member of PEN (Writers in Exile).