P E T E R  H A R G I T A I
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“In the beginning was the Word is Ferenc Mózsi’s poetic credo. For him a poem’s real
drama is its birth. The poem writes itself.
Inventing Being, inspired by creative imagery,
word combinations and plays, bears witness to the richness of the Hungarian language and
its poetic power to nourish the human spirits.”
                                                     PÉTER KASLIK

“As always, the poems of Ferenc Mózsi are rich and resonating chips of love and pain. They
flare like nimble suns within the restless shadows of our lives, then glow across the gray
uncertainty we share, each a small gathering of light and heat to kindle love among the
pain…He is a master of the sinews of the heart, a warrior against the hungry night that so
insatiably tries to ingest us all.”
                                                   JUD BLAKELY

“In this collection of poems Mózsi snatches special moments and makes them into
monuments, rediscovering the existing beauty in ourselves and in the world around us.”
                                                   JÓZSEF GARAI
                                                   Former Editor, Hungarian Word

“As a writer who is at home in both Hungarian and English, I’m aware of the challenges
facing a translator to bring a poem home. But that is only the start. Award-winning translator
Peter Hargitai makes these poems sing!”
                                                   THOMAS P. MUHL
                                                   Author of Retouching Stalin’s Moustache
Review by EmLo on April 19, 2005
Format: Hardcover

Inventing Being is a book of poems by Ferenc Mozsi translated by Peter Hargitai. It is
filled with love, passion and pain. The poet has a trademark that I have not yet seen in
other poems were one word is divided into two by using a parenthesis such as "a
babbling b(r)ook." He plays these games with the reader of a double meaning word that
entangles us even more in his world of poetry. Reading his poems is like trying to build a
puzzle, yet he allows the reader freedom to explore and figure out what the poem means
outside its literal meaning. There is a lot of beauty in the written word of Ferenc Mozsi
that fills one's life with his essence of love for art. This book is filled with so much love
that if we have not yet been in love we will become "in love with love." I give this book
five stars.