P E T E R  H A R G I T A I
"These grim, bitter, iron-cold poems emerge technically strong, spare and authentic in English, and they are admirably
contemporary in syntax."
                                  -MAY SWENSON
                                   in Citation for the Academy of American Poets

"A rich nuanced translation by Peter Hargitai. These poems are ageless, mirroring the human conditions and focusing in
humankind's existential loneliness."
                                               -MAXINE KUMIN
                                                Pulitzer Prize Poet
                                                1981 U.S. Poet Laureate

"I have long thought of Attila Jozsef as one of the great poets of the century, a tragic realist whose work beautifully
redeemed the unbearable conditions of the life to which history condemned him. These new translations by Peter
Hargitai will be welcomed by Jozsef's admirers and will certainly add to their number."
                                                                                                                          -DONALD JUSTICE
                                                                                                                           Pulitzer Prize Poet

"[Other] translations of Jozsef's work are stiff and academic, whereas peter Hargitai's versions are colloquial and
emotionally charged as the originals. Reading them one lapses into the silence that attends the reception of all great
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Attila József Selected Poems
  by Attila József,  translated by Peter Hargitai
Award-winning translator Peter Hargitai celebrates 100 years of Attila Jozsef (1905-1937) in this
new selection of 100 poems. His previous selection, "
Perched On Nothing's Branch" (1986),
enjoyed a remarkable run of five editions and won for him the Academy of American Poets'
Landon Translation Award. His translation of Attila Jozsef is listed among the world classics
cited by Harold Bloom in "
The Western Canon."
Attila József (1905-1937) A towering, tragic poet in modern
20th Century world literature. An orphan and a social outcast
whose innovative raw imagery captured the plight of suffering
humanity during his chaotic age. He ended his life by throwing
himself under the wheels of a freight train. Benedetto Croce
called him, "One of the greatest poets of the poor and of
Attila József